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So i'm A symptomatic but I wonder can I get re-infected wth someone elses Herpes and begin to have symptoms?... I almost feel like I don't have it but I definitely do.. I guess..

  • Asked by Anonymous in Herpes Mar 20, 2018
  • Posted on Mar 29, 2018


    Herpes is a virus of the skin and the virus is spread by coming in direct contact with the virus. It's not possible to become re-infected with a virus... For detail, click here

  • Posted on Apr 25, 2018


    If you are asymptomatic with hsv that could indicate one of many situations. 1) You have been exposed to hsv2 outside of the genital area or hsv1 outside if the oro facial area. 2) Like most positive people, your primary infection was of a strain that has mutated to have a low few to no skin-related symptoms. You can have outbreaks with typical cold symptoms and never attribute it to hsv since there are no typical skin outbreaks. You will always have the strain of your primary, but if you get too much exposure to a highly symptomatic strain without forcing it into latency with antiviral, then you can become symptomatic. 3) Your primary infection was as a baby or child and your strong immune system suppressed the infection immediately into latency. 4) You have a really strong immune system and/or have developed enough antibodies that if the virus comes out of latency, then the antibodies target infected cells and kill them before the infection spreads. This is know as antibody-dependent cytotoxic or ADCC.

  • Posted on Mar 26, 2018


    If you're asymptomatic but have herpes you never lose it. The condition is incurable. You can, however, get a dual strain infection. Most of the time this happens to people with immune systems compromised by HIV, so you have a lower chance of getting another strain if you are HIV-free.

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