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Why are the STDcounselors lying? Are they sociopaths? Are they greedy?

  • Asked by Anonymous in Other STD Oct 24, 2019
  • Posted on Nov 20, 2019

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  • Posted on Mar 02, 2021


    Doctors can only offer you what they were trained to do; don't blame them. An ex told me she was mostly taught about drugs instead of nutrition, so she herself had a few health problems, which got worse until she researched outside of her medical training. She's now free of diabetes & high blood pressure.

  • Posted on Mar 02, 2021


    No, they're often ignorant, or must say what will help them keep their license. Big Pharma & CDC are however greedy sociopaths. How can they find a vaccine for a brand new virus they knew nothing about in months, but can't find one for diseases that have been here for decades???
    And they have drugs that can hold down a disease (maintain), but not kill it? Which is harder, to keep wrestling someone forever, or go for the KO win? If you can hold someone down, you should be able to make them tap out.
    You have to be your own researcher & doctor in this world; these people aren't gods; you have a brain too for research. Look up therapies & herbs that clean the blood & lymphs.

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